Thank you for showing an interest in The beYond Project. beYond, is an Interactive Multi-Ending Visual Novel that you can download below. Currently, only the Lite version is available. The Pro version is still in development. Want to support the further development of beYond? You can do so, by making a donation here or by becoming a Patreon here. Being a Patreon is really cool. Not only can you win cool prizes, but you will also receive updates and inside information. Any artists interested in developing images, audio or video for the Pro version are welcome to contact me.


Step into the shoes of James Shell, the leader of a group of experts. You find yourselves trapped in a confinement when you wake up. All of you work together to get out, but with some unusual circumstances and events happening, it seems that freedom might be far and unlikely. Will you find a way out? Will all make it out intact? Will you be able to discover, why this is happening in the first place?


Below you can download the Lite version of beYond. Currently it is the core text based story from start to finish, with one set of user choice determining the ending. Check it out, It's a good read. How will it end for you?


Psst, here's a tip for you: You don't have to commit to anything (although, it would be really cool if you do). Thus, you can read a fun story and go on with your day. Also, the Android download has a free version. Enjoy! :-)


Oh yeah, if you enjoyed the story, please leave a rating and comment - you'll be my hero. It's also a chance to tell everyone what you thought of the story and whether a Pro-version has any potential. ;-) 





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